Home Exchanging for Budget Friendly Travel

Home Exchange

TravelTirement is pleased to welcome a new contributor, Ann Shultz.  You can read more about her in her bio at the bottom.  This is the first in her series of articles about Home Exchanging.  We hope you enjoy it. Welcome to Home Exchanging! If you’re already retired, you might be finding your travel budget doesn’t always stretch as far as you’d like with all the places on your bucket list to visit.  Or, if you’re …

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Funding our Travel Habit

Travel. That’s why we retire and that’s why you’re here.  It is the single-most mentioned aspiration for many when retirement goals are discussed. However, life encompasses a large clock and calendar and many other activities fill in around those retirement travel trips. In the future, I’ll share more tricks for traveling on the cheap, but for now I’d like to step back and look at the big picture.  It is an unfortunate reality that we …

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Traveling in Retirement Takes Power – For Gadgets


Many of us have grown to love our electronic gadgets and love to take them with us when we practice our retirement travel.  Keeping them charged and ready to spring into action is always a challenge. Sure, you can simply take all your cords and chargers, remember to plug them in when you have access to power, and life will be good. Smart tricks That’s fine for a select few retirees who have gotten a …

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Systematic Airfare Shopping Reaps Discounted Fares

Hawaiian Air - Original Baseline Fares

You can save money on airfares by simply having a system. Vacation travel and of course, retirement travel are the best candidates for this type of strategy. We usually have the opportunity to plan ahead and not have that silly day job (and its responsibilities) get in the way. This seems like a perfect topic, right on the heels of planning for your next trip. My wife and I have been planning an Hawaiian holiday …

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2013 Winter Retirement Travel Planning

Retirement Travel takes planning.  Not just logistically (dates, flights, hotels, etc.) but financially as well.  Hey, after all, we are talking retirement travel, aren’t we?   What better way to plan, than to have a collection of wonderful travel options for the upcoming year, right at your fingertips. The good people at National Geographic know how to talk about travel.  In their “Best Winter Trips 2013” story online, they showcase a wonderful collection of getaways …

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